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With the overwhelming popularity of my food blog last week, I decided to post another one this week. I would do it daily, but it’s too time consuming. So I’m going to try to do once a week, with photos 🙂

8am – Egg white wrap. My grocery store does not have my fat free cheese all the time (sooooooooooooo annoying) so I had to use fat free white American slices, just one, and it made the eggs sticky and way too cheesy. I don’t recommend it, but it was at least fat free. I also had a fiber supplement and sugar free Redbull with this meal to get me going.
calories carbs fat protein
Egg white, 4 serving 68 1 0 20
fiber tablets (1 tablet), 1 serving 10 4 0 0
joesephs tortilla wraps, 1 serving 70 11 2 7
tueky sausage, 0.66 serving 59 1 4 5
Redbull (Sugar Free), 1.5 serving 15 5 0 0
American Cheese, 1 serving 25 2 0 4

11am – mmmmm greek yogurt. I don’t know what it is about this stuff, but I’m in love. And grapes lately have been so plump and juicy. My fav are the red seedless ones. Here’s a photo from Monday when I added blueberries in my vanilla greek yogurt.

I think the photos here are nicer. But today I didn’t add blueberries. I prefer my greek yogurt plain. I don’t want anything taking away from the deliciousness off it. I know that sounds weird but it’s perfect the way it is
calories carbs fat protein
Greek Yogurt, 5 oz      88       6         0      14
Grapes, 50 grape        125      32       0      1
TOTALS:                      212      38       0     16

2pm – Baked a pita pizza. I didn’t have any chicken to put on it 😦 but I found a “pizza seasoning” with majoram, sage, oregano, basil & garlic that made it pretty tasty even though it was just mushrooms.

calories carbs fat protein
tomato sauce, 0.15 cup                                           12          3          0       1
Sahara pita bread 100% whole wheat              140       27          2       6
Ricotta cheese, fat-free, 2 oz                                 36          5           0       5
Fat Free Shredded Mozzerella, 1 serving          45        2            0         9
Mushrooms, canned, 20 piece                            35           5            1       4
LUNCH TOTALS:                                                 268         42           3       24

At 4:30 I left my house (finally) to go tanning and to the gym. I am feeling extra frustrated today about studying so I really wanted to just pound it out on the treadmill before heading to yoga. So I ran 3.5 miles in roughly 40 minutes. The last 3 minutes of which I did at 7.5mph. I also like to go into yoga with my body already warmed up so I get the greatest benefit of stretching from the class. Also, I did not eat right before the gym (I was still full from lunch) so it was very important for me to get some carbs and protein in right away. So I had a 1/3 cup of fat free cottage cheese & 1/2 cup of pineapple.
calories carbs fat protein
Cottage Cheese, Nonfat, 0.33 cup                     53           3       0       10
Dole Pineapple Tidbits, 0.5 cup                         60         15       0        0
AFTERNOON SNACK TOTALS:                     113         18       0       10

And I didn’t want to bother with taking a photo of that because it’s kind of boring, but I am feeling skinny so here’s a pic of my yoga abs instead:

For dinner Ryan and I made our own turkey burgers. We used 99% fat free ground turkey and mixed in some diced onion, a tiny bit of bbq sauce and spices. Then we put ’em on the stove to cook them (the fat pretty much just burns off, but there isn’t much so don’t expect them to be juicy) and toasted some whole wheat buns, and used tomato, low fat cheese and mustard for condiments. Afterward I had a cupcake made of devil’s food cake mix and pumpkin that my friend Courtney made for me!!

Here are my dinner totals:
calories carbs fat protein
chocolate pumpkin cupcakes, 1 serving       181      37       4        2
Turkey burgers (99% fat free turkey – 7oz)   210      0         2        47
Tomatoes, 1 slice, thin/small                            3        1         0         0
Grey Poupon Dijon Mustard, 1 tsp                   5        0         0         0
t 2% American Cheese Singles, 1 serving     50       2         3          4
Onions, raw, 1 slice, thin                                   3       1          0          0
whole wheat hamburger bun1 serving         90       18        1          3
DINNER TOTALS: 543 58 10 56

Here’s my daily totals:

CALORIES          CARBS              FAT             PROTEIN
1,652                  183                     25                    145              (Actual)
1,510 – 1,860   198 – 286         39 – 68              60 – 154         (Goal)

Kyra Williams,
The Get In Shape Girl



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