The Apuzzo Nardozza Workout

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For this workout you will need a medball, stability ball (optional), disc pillow (optional), dumbbells & tricep pull down equipment.

Warm up. Stretch.

Medball chest pass x 10.
Plyo pushups on wall x 12.
Sit up and throw (medball) on stability ball, floor or disc pillow x 10.
Wood chop w/ medball in lunge position (6x’s right to left, 6x’s left to right).
Repeat circuit twice.

Single leg rdl to medball throw x’s 6 each leg.
High pulls x 8.
Bicep curl drop set, on bosu.
Repeat circuit twice.

Tricep cable pulldown dropset.
Jumping lunges x 20.
Stabiity ball squat, holding weight x 12.
Repeat circuit twice.

Stretch and expect your triceps to burn tomorrow.

Kyra Williams,
The Get In Shape Girl


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