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I have a couple of friends that blog with photos. I LOVE their blogs so I decided to do it myself.

I started this morning when I cooked breakfast for Ryan and I at 7am. I swear by these wraps and I don’t know if any of you have made them yet, but if I don’t get to eat one each morning I am grumpy! When I wake up it’s been at least 8 hours since I have eaten so I’m seriously, seriously starving. So I make a total of 8 egg whites (I need 4 for myself.. because I’m seriously, seriously HUNGRY,) a quarter cup of fat free cheddar cheese mixed in so it’s all melted, 2 turkey sausage links each, and two whole wheat wraps by Joseph’s, which I also rave about on the reg.

Here’s the nutrition facts:
Breakfast TOTALS: 276 cals 24 carbs 6 fat 41 protein
(That also includes an iced coffee I got with just a “little bit” of skim milk.)

At 10am it’s time for a half cup of fat free cottage cheese & a half cup of pineapple.

Mid Morning Snack TOTALS: 140 cals 20 carbs 0 fat 15 protein

Then I laid out on a common patio at my apartment. I was basically laying out on the sidewalk. But I got color.. and I don’t care!! I am from North Carolina and I like to tan!!!!!!!!!!!! Just because I live in the northeast where people like being pasty white doesn’t mean I have to become like them! I’ve laid out in weirder places anyway.

Anyway, I wasn’t that full and knew I wanted to expend a lot of energy at 12pm CATZ so I ate a Pure Protein bar on my way up there.
TOTAL: 190 cals 17 carbs 6 fat 20 protein

After CATZ I made an egg salad sandwich. I don’t know where I got the recipe, but my guess would be Oxygen magazine. If you want the recipe you need to become my facebook fan (

I used all of it, which really could make two sandwiches, but I would rather eat ALL of something that I know is clean and healthy than go wondering around my kitchen looking for something else to eat. I put that one some 45 calorie whole wheat toast and a slice of tomato. I also had a Nature Valley Sweet & Salty Nut Granola Bar (BIG granola girl.. hahahaha jk! they’re just yummy!)
Lunch TOTALS: 476calories 64 carbs 14 fat 32 protein

So that was at 2pm. At 5pm I made a new protein shake. I didn’t get a recipe, I just thought of it on my own while I was running the other day, so I picked up the ingredients. And it was EFFING AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEE!!! I used ice (obvi) about a cup of light vanilla soy milk (use whatever kind of milk of milk sub you want, it doesn’t matter), half a banana (frozen or not), about 3/4 cup of pineapple (frozen or fresh, I just had frozen), half a scoop of vanilla protein powder (you could use more, but I’m already at my protein requirement) and a little coconut extract all blended up. And I decided to do a little something special since it is cinco de mayo…
Afternoon snack TOTALS: 274 calories 45 carbs 3 fat 16 protein

Then at 630 I went to power yoga.

And at 830 I made my cinco de mayo dinner, which you can read about in the previous post. Here’s the nutrition facts:
Dinner TOTALS: 259 cals 20 carbs 3 fat 43 protein
And I totally forgot to take a photo before I wolfed it down so instead you get this awesome photo of a burro.

Here’s my nutrition facts for the day:
1,616 calories 190 carbs 32 fat 167 protein
I’m totally on track for my suggested amount of calories and carbs. I’m over for protein but that’s fine.. my body needs a lot of protein because I workout so much. And I’m low for the day in fat. But it’s just one day.. nbd.
My carb/ protein/ fat breakdown was 44.2/38.8/17 So i’m really close to my 40/40/20 goal!!!

I’ve chugged over a gallon of water and I’m wicked full. Hope you guys enjoyed it as much as me!

Kyra Williams,
The Get In Shape Girl


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8 Responses to “Photo Blog 5.5.10”

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I might have to try your protein smoothie. I’m loving turkey sausage too. What kind do you buy? I know it’s not the cleanest but it’s better than a cookie right?!??! Today I had spinach(sauted a little), turkey sausage, and feta cheese for my afternoon snack. It was delicious.

kelly, i HIGHLY recommend this smoothie. especially on a hot summer day. you could replace it for a pina colada. thats exactly what it tasted like, but better because it didn’t make me wanna brush my teeth because they were coated with sugar. as a matter of fact, if i ever make a pina colada this summer for pool time sipping i am going to make it like this, with coconut vodka instead of the mixes and rum. and i love turkey sausage too. i think its probably high in sodium, but i dont have much of it. we’re active and good for the most part so i think our bodies can handle it.

and katie, i can call you creamy white (even though that sounds a little creepy), but im sorry, my boyfriend is pasty!

Heyheyhey, we prefer “creamy white”, not “pasty”

Love the blog and the breakfast! Yummy!

Looks like a nice day of food.

You didn’t mention specifically about the egg whites, over here we get I’m sure you’ll have something similar available in the US. Costs the same, saves on the hassle of separating and tossing the yolks.

I’ve been wondering how to eat more protein without feeling overly full. Looks like your secret is eggs.

Totally agree about the photos, adds so much more interest!

love love love 🙂

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