30 minutes of exercise

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I’ve told you the statistic before that 75% of Americans do not do the 30 minutes of light cardiovascular activity recommended each day. But did you know that those 30 minutes do not all have to be done at once? They can be broken down into six five-minute increments, or three ten-minute increments, etc. That being said, even for the busiest of people, doesn’t that sound do-able? Here’s some great ideas of how to sneak cardiovascular exercise into your incredibly busy day:

– When running errands, park toward the back of the lot so you have to walk further to get into the store. (Your card will thank you, and it’s probably faster anyway because fighting for a close spot ends up taking so much time anyway.)
– When bringing in the groceries make it a game and time yourself. See how quickly you can carry all those groceries in, running back and forth to the car, then put them away as fast as you can.
– Go outside and play with your kids or your dog. I bet if you do this for five minutes you will want to stay longer.
– ALWAYS take the stairs.
– During commercial breaks get in the floor and do sit ups or push ups.
– Since you are obviously chugging water all day, every time you use the restroom at work do a set of 10 wall push ups, or squats, or calf raises, stationary lunges, standing hip abductions, standing hip adductions, a wall sit for 30 seconds, jumping jacks for 30 seconds, running in place, etc.
– When you are in Target, Home Depot, etc jog from place to place you need to be in the store. You will get your shopping done faster. Just be careful of other shoppers!
– Put on some Britney Spears or Lady Gaga and shake your booty during housework.
– Walk or bike to work.
– Take a walk on your lunch break.

Just try sneaking 5 – 10 minutes in at a time to elevate your heart rate. Something is better than nothing!


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3 Responses to “30 minutes of exercise”

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Good suggesttions – and reasonable. I already do a few of these. I especially like: parking the car and walking (or walking ANYTIME over driving)and ALWAYS taking the stairs. Standing “wall” pushups are easy to do in many hidden places.

Loved the idea about doing a few push ups, squats, etc. each time I go to the restroom… haha… I will have 100 extra squats by mid-day! 😉

Some very good tips there definitely, I’ve been doing the restroom break exercise one for awhile now and find it very effective.

My three additions to your list are:
1. Take your partner, friend etc out for a walk (leave your mobile phone at home) and use it as an opportunity to catch up on each others day. Good for your health and great for your personal relationships.
2. If possible, walk or run to the gym rather than driving there.
3. No matter what job you have, go for a stroll during your lunch break rather than sitting at your desk etc.


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