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In a recent trip to a couple of athletic stores I come to realize that the clothing available to most women is seriously atrocious.

Here’s my take on what I noticed:
Under Armor – I’ve worn their shorts & they ride up. I’ve worn their shirts and they cut into my armpits and are not at all soft.
Nike, Adidas, New Balance, Champion, etc – boxy and terrible color choices
Soffe – for the most part is just crappy
Lulu Lemon – too expensive
Victoria’s Secret – stretches out & colors fade
H&M, Forever 21 – I just won’t buy because I don’t trust it will hold up

I go to the gym to look good. Most women do too. So why don’t I want to look good while I workout? I personally prefer shorts unless I’m doing yoga. Well I’ve found that most shorts ride up and give me camel toe? Why does the seam have to go up the crotch and accentuate this camel toe? I don’t want to wear those big baggy running shorts, so don’t even go there. They aren’t flattering to anyone. And I have girlfriends who are pretty tall, or kinda short.. so how do you figure that one length fits all yoga pants are going to work for everyone? And once again with the camel toe. I really do love the Victoria’s Secret yoga pants because they do some in different lengths, but they fade quickly and they do stretch out. I also like how they fold over with a different color at the top. When you fold that band over it somehow does this magic trick where it makes your booty POP and have a nice round looking shape.

And I just wear shirts and tanks I get from H&M. So far I haven’t had a strap snap on me, but I know someone who has. I would far prefer wearing some kind of halter style so it covers up that little piece of pit fat, but unfortunately I can’t afford to buy Lulu Lemon or Fizeek Brazil, etc. Also, why are all the shirts made by New Balance, Nike, etc so boxy? Women have beautiful curves so shirts should be more form fitting. Just a tiny bit of cleavage could be shown. Or maybe you want to show off those delts or lats a little bit. And if your still self conscious of extra flab.. ROUCHING.. hello!!!!!!!!!! Or make the shirts long, as if to lengthen the torso, making the person look longer, thereby making them look thinner. And don’t even get me started on the colors and materials. I swear I think they started making clothes in pink to help remind people that the person wearing it is in fact a female, because you would never be able to tell otherwise!

So please take my survey. It will help give me insight to what you ladies want in workout clothes. I seriously want to design a good quality, form ACCENTUATING, affordable line.

Kyra Williams,
The Get In Shape Girl


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3 Responses to “Survey about workout clothes”

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I tried to take your survey but the link isn’t working. 😦 Check this stuff out The pants don’t strectch and fade, pants fold over and the design totally accentuates the curves. Let me know what you think you can follow me on twitter. @reseactivewear

Very interesting post but not one that relates to me specifically and obviously it’s no use me taking the survey. I do of course notice what women in the gym and out running are wearing and I know what I think looks good – but clearly from your post it seems things that might look good to me on a lady are not necessarily comfortable or practical.

I guess as per usual, guys have got it easy…


They are a bit pricey, but have a lot of thing on sale right now.

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