March 2010 personal challenge continued to April…

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I blogged last month about training for a half marathon, thus upping my running. I mentioned cutting my strength training back to 2 – 3 days a week, running 2 – 3 times a week and doing yoga 2 – 3 times a week. I’ve pretty well stuck to that. Here is my workout schedule the last two weeks:
Mon, 3/29 – Yoga & CATZ
Tues, 3/30 – I was sick so I took the day off
Wed, 3/31 – CATZ
Thurs, 4/1 – Yoga & run 2 miles
Fri, 4/2 – CATZ
Sat, 4/3 – Run 4 miles & light circuit training (all body weight)
Sun, 4/4 – Run 6 miles

Mon, 4/5 – Yoga & run 5 miles
Tues, 4/6 – CATZ
Wed, 4/7 – yoga & run 2 miles
Thurs, 4/8 – yoga
Fri, 4/9 – CATZ
Sat, 4/10 – CATZ & yoga
Sun, 4/11 – zumba

I guess I haven’t been running as much as I should have, but a lot of crazy changes have been taking place in my life. Tomorrow I plan to do 8 miles though. I know once I really kick up the mileage then I will drop the lbs, even though they have dropped already since I did my last measurements.

On March 18th I weighed 129 and the calipers told me my body fat was 18%.
As of today, I weight 125 and the calipers tell me I am 17%. I don’t know how accurate this reading is because there is room for human error in this measurement, but I will take it!!!

However, on March 18th, THIS SITE told me that my bf was 15.9%
Today it told me 23.6%. This is insane and I know it isn’t right. I think it is because I measure my thigh in a different place last time I measured. This should teach you the lesson of how important it is to make sure you measure in the right place. The way I remember now the right place to measure my thighs, is I measure 10 inches above the knee cap then measure circumference. You could use that trick for any body part.. just go a certain number of inches above or below a joint.

And on March 18th, THIS SITE
told me I was 21.2%.
Today it told me 24.7%. There again I think it was human error. So now my range is 17% – 24% which is still great, but I don’t really trust it. We’ll see what it has to say on May 1, the day before the road race. And I will be measuring the distance from a joint before i measure the circumference!!!

Here’s my workout plan this week:
Monday, 4/12 – CATZ, yoga
Tuesday, 4/13 – Run 8 miles
Wednesday, 4/14 – CATZ, yoga, Zumba
Thursday, 4/15 – yoga
Friday, 4/16 – CATZ
Saturday, 4/17 – Run

Kyra Williams,
The Get In Shape Girl

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2 Responses to “March 2010 personal challenge continued to April…”

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I’d never heard of CATZ until reading your blog so looked it up and was very impressed, sadly it hasn’t spread quite as far as London UK just yet.


Wow, sounds great. I will do a half marathon someday. I am doing my first 5K on May 1 as well. I see now that the accuracy of bfp is difficult. You are doing amazing though. What is CATZ by the way?

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