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Saturday afternoon I was at the Winter Music Conference in South Beach, Miami. We attended a party at the National Hotel where Maxim was doing a model search/ having a photo shoot. One of my girlfriends was really interested so we went in and just did it. While sitting in the tent I was overwhelmed with feelings of insecurities. As I looked around all I saw were girls with perfectly flat stomachs, long & skinny legs and huge boobs. They all sat around in their tiny trendy bikinis and heels and I sat there, trying not to compare myself, refusing to take off my sun dress. Finally our other girlfriend talked us into taking a few warm up photos on the other side of the tent to get warmed up and figure out how we liked to pose. Here is one of my photos from that “shoot.”

Then it was time to take the Maxim pics. The photographer had us pose in certain positions that were not up to us. Here’s a couple that my girlfriend shot of me during the shoot, not the actual professional photos:

After looking at these another drink was sooooo necessary! I felt so insanely grossed out by how big my thighs are and how thick I am (front to back) in my ribcage. When I saw the other girls go up they were tiny. I am all muscles. I feel like this didn’t look feminine or pretty at all. I felt like I looked more like a body builder than anything. Ever since I was a kid I have had issues with my thighs. I never understood why my legs always had to be bigger than all my friends’.. why I couldn’t fit into their clothes.. why I couldn’t wear certain things, because my legs were too big. I still to this day will not wear skinny jeans because the difference in circumference of my thighs to my calves/ ankles is so large that I feel like skinny jeans will just make that as obvious to everyone else as it is to me. but growing up with giant thighs I had to realize that I have no choice but to work with what I have. I cannot change my bone structure. But I can reduce my fat. So that’s what I did and I continue to do. if I’m going to have big legs I would rather than be muscular rather than fat and flabby. If I’m going to have a giant ribcage I want to see toned abs at least. These are the things I have control over so I work with what I have.

When I face girls who have bodies that seem ideal I have to also realize that they have flaws too, and they are probably just as insecure about their bodies as I am. I also know I am really healthy and that I am doing my body a huge favor by eating healthy and working out. anyhow, none of this is meant to be an excuse or way around putting in hard work, but this is more of just me saying that there are some things we cannot change, in my case, bone structure. But there are things you can do to make yourself look better, and one of those, is simply carrying yourself confidently.

Kyra Williams
The Get In Shape Girl


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7 Responses to “Maxim Shoot”

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You’re awesome Kyra. I love that you know this about yourself and keep that positive frame of mind. Just remember, even if they are “Maxim model material”, you can kick their butt with all that muscle you’ve got goin’ on 😉

I am so glad we did it… its not about looking perfect its about being the best we can be, living in the moment and fulfilling dreams even if its as silly as posing for Maxim its about getting out there and living life and not being afraid of what others think! You are in the best shape of your life you feel great and you have confidence not to mention you are healthy that says a lot more than many models. You are a great inspiration to all of us girls!

Seriously. The only thing I see when I look at these photos is awesome. You look super tiny and toned and amazing. You have come so far and I’m super proud of and happy for you. Besides, dudes like a little meat on a lady. 😉 xoxo

Thanks for sharing this blog. You look awesome in the pics by the way!! The difference between you and those other girls is that you are fit and healthy which I would take anyday.

We all have our trouble zones even if you look flawless from an outsiders perspective. Mine is my belly. It has always been big and I think I will always have an issue with weight in that area. But I totally agree, if it’s a little on the bigger side at it can still look good toned. We have to work with what we’ve got and I think you are doing a great job! It really don’t think your thighs look big at all in those pics. Look at how awesome your arms and abs look.


Half of those girls are “skinny fat” and not nearly as healthy as you are. I can totally relate to the leg thing…ever since I was a kid, I’ve had muscular calves. I used to cry thinking about all the girls with their feminine legs and here I was built like a tree trunk (and a short one at that).

I’ve heard that yoga and ballet-like classes are really good with the leg issue…lengthens and leans… So maybe it just takes time…

Thanks for sharing your outlook on this topic – and for the great attitude. Inspirational, for sure! Your legs look great – I think it’s all in your head!

Amazing stuff, you really look great and have nothing to be insecure about! I know that guys love a girl who is fit and athletic, one of my fave things is to go running with my wife and she wouldn’t be up to it if she was a stick.

Interestingly your before pic looks quite different to the Maxim pics, I think maybe the poses the photographer asked for were less suited to someone with muscle tone and maybe you were a little more tense. Don’t get me wrong you still look fab but more like a fitness model (not body builder) rather than a bikini model.


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