My Review of Bud Select 55

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Saturday night I preformed a blind taste test between the new Bud Select 55 and Bud Light. My boyfriend poured each into a glass to allow me to sample. I swear I could not taste a difference at all!!!


However there are some visible differences. Bud Select has less bubbles when poured into the glass, and is darker in color. You can see on the left in the photo.

They are both very light beers. Here’s how they add up..
12 ounces Bud Select
Calories – 55
Carbs – 1g

12 ounces Bud Light
Calories – 110
Carbs – 6.6g

However, after having a few I didn’t even feel anything at all. Without realizing, a friend mentioned to me that it doesn’t have the same alcohol content. Yeahhhhh, I didn’t even think of that! Bud Select is only 2.4% alcohol and Bud Light is 4.2%.

But dieters do have other beer options..
12 oz Miller Lite =
cals – 96
carbs – 3.2g
4.2% alcohol

12 oz Michelob Ultra =
Cals – 95
Carbs – 3g
4.2% alcohol

12oz Michelob Ultra Amber =
Cals – 114
Carbs – 3.7g
4.1% alcohol

12oz Miller Genuine Draft 64 =
Cals – 64
Carbs – 2.4g
2.8% alcohol

So I guess if you just wanna have a few at a cookout or something just to social drink Bud Select 55 or MGD 64 is a great way to go. I think I’ll eventually finish my 12 pack and go on back to Bud Light.

Kyra Williams
The Get In Shape Girl


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2 Responses to “My Review of Bud Select 55”

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MGD 64 is only like 2% alcohol too! I drink it when I want a beer and but don’t want to get drunk.

I’ve been wondering what bud select 55 tasted like! thanks for the review Kyra!

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