My First “Client”

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On Saturday afternoon I had my first “client.” She lives across the hall from me and expressed interest in working out with me. It was perfect because she, like many of you, needs some direction when it comes to weight training, and I need experience with training.

When we got to the gym we headed straight to the treadmills where I had her do a light jog for 5 minutes to warm up her muscles, then we got in a quick stretch. We gathered what we would need to equipment and headed to a quiet and spacious area of the gym. I directed her through the following circuits:

1. Walking lunges with opposite arm over head press, 8 each side
2. 14 pushups (I had her do as many boy pushups as she could, then switch to girl pushups to complete the set)
3. 10 medball throws (throwing the medball to the ground as hard as you can while jumping up)
4. 20 jumping lunges
(Repeat for 3 times through)

1. 20 (each side) X climbers (like a mtn climber, but touch the knee to opposite elbow)
2. Single leg reverse dead lift, to bicep curl, 8 each side
3. Single leg bridge with heel on medball, 8 each side
4. Alternating chest press on physio ball, 10 each side
(Repeat for 3 times through)

1. 10 V-ups
2. Knee to elbow crunches, 10 each side
3. 10 lying straight leg raises
4. 40 second plank
Stretch at the end.

I wanted to target each muscle group at least once with this workout as well as keep the heart rate elevated. It took us about an hour to get through the entire workout.

It was really so much fun for me. I did the workout alongside her, but focused on making sure her form was correct, her weight was correct and she was breathing. I think at this point telling someone what to do then watching them makes me feel awkward, but probably not so much the “client.” I will eventually get more comfortable with this. But it was really fun. It’s not something I could ever imagine feeling like being work, or something I dread doing. You are active, you can be social and you are helping someone do something good for themselves. It’s not like being stuck at a desk inside all day. When I was watching her from above do the chest press I could actually see her chest muscles working to lift the weight and it was such an exciting feeling. Just one of those moments where everything just kind of clicks and you know you are doing the right thing. Now.. I just need to focus a little more on my studies…

Kyra Williams
The Get In Shape Girl

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3 Responses to “My First “Client””

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Awesome Kyra!! I wish you lived closer to me.

Good work! I can’t wait for you to have video in the blog posts!

You forgot one crucial move! Those side planks in the ab section. This can all be done in about 35-40 minutes I did it today at the gym during lunch hour. My hamstrings hate me. 🙂

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