Confessions of The Get In Shape Girl

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I have a confession to make: I have been overtraining.

I have been getting sleep, I have been eating well and I’ve even gone out less. But I cannot shake this feeling of being sleepy all the time. I’m sore, I haven’t been able to perform as well, and my weight isn’t dropping. If anything it’s gone up. I haven’t taken a full day off in February. Well, on the 19th (last Friday) I only spent 10 minutes on the elliptical, then 10 minutes on abs, and 10 minutes on stretching. My body is giving me all the signs that I need to listen to, to stop. On Sunday I ran 6.4 miles in an hour and even though I stretched, that night and all of yesterday I could barely walk. My hip flexors, my hamstrings and my psoas muscles were so tight, I had to take Advil for the pain. I went to power yoga then to CATZ yesterday. I struggled at CATZ. I keep sleeping 7 – 8 hours a night and wake up the next morning so tired, and even though I have an energy drink and a green tea, I cannot seem to wake up. I don’t want to take any time off. I am addicted to the feeling of tight muscles, an elevated heart rate and working up a good sweat. I feel like if I take a day off it will make me fat. In reality, I’m pretty sure that my weight is higher because I haven’t taken time off. So, in effort to convince myself to actually take a day off, I decided to make a list (and share it with you) of the benefits of taking a day off:
1. Gives muscles necessary time to repair themselves from being broken down during strength training
2. Allow time for protein and energy stores to be replenished in muscles
3. Replenish energy
4. To not get tired of any exercise routine or working out in general (burnout)
5. To avoid adapting to stress of exercise
6. Prevent injury
7. Boost immune system
8. Allows time to get other things done

I have to realize that if I just take a day or two off it isn’t going to make me fat. It will help me to make more gains when I do workout again because I’ll be able to work at my full potential. If I keep going then I could injure myself then I won’t be able to workout at all and we all know I would lose it if that were the case.

So now I just have to make myself do it. Take a day off today. Make it back to CATZ and yoga tomorrow. In the meantime I’ll alter my eating so it’s not as much because I don’t need to replace the calories I’m burning like I normally do. This should be interesting…

Kyra Williams
The Get In Shape Girl


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Wow Kyra, you have a lot of motivation. You definitely need to take a day off! Give yourself a nice relaxing day, maybe soak in a hot bath for a little while. I still struggle with having to “force” myself to exercise, so I haven’t run into that before. If anything I give myself too many days off. I do know what you mean about loving the feeling of tight muscles and working up a sweat. I do love that feeling. Hope you have a nice day off.

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