A Saturday in the Life of The Get In Shape Girl: More than just GTL

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7:30am – So you wanna know what a day is like while I’m not at work? Well, for starters I forgot to weigh myself. And forgot to take my vitamins and didn’t make the egg white wrap first thing. I woke up a little late to head to CATZ. I ate a Pure Protein bar and a sugarfree Redbull on my way up. I got there just in time. We warmed up with the ladder, then stretched. Then we did some partner work with a medball and sprinting (up two, back one). Turns out I’m not so good at catching medballs, but my partner, Sandra (my favorite!!) was patient with me. Then for our 1st circuit:
Single arm/ single leg RDL with a snatch, for 5 each side
Dolly tuck to pushups x12
Reverse lunges (5 each leg) holding a plate overhead
Shuffle, shuffle sprint 25 meters and back for 25 meters
All that 3 times through.
You get the point. It was fun, I felt like I was going to throw up once, I thought I was going to have a heart attack like three times and it was awesome.

11am – I just got finished putting all of the groceries away that I bought for the next week. While I was at the store I bought a 100 calorie Muscle Milk light vanilla protein shake. It’s important to get some protein within 90 minutes of a workout to help your muscles recover. Plus who knows what kind of goodies I would have been tempted by if I had a growling stomach. Anyway, I made that egg white and turkey sausage wrap as soon as I got home, was STILL hungry, so I had two servings of dry roasted peanuts. Peanuts, almonds, peanut butter, etc always fills me up so I knew that’s what I needed to go for. You know the nutrition of the wrap, but here’s my nutrition of the shake and the peanuts:
Calories Carbs Fat Protein
Muscle Milk 100 3 3 15
Peanuts 332 12 28 13
I also haven’t had nearly enough water and I need to take my vitamins so I’m doing that as i type, watch College Game Day at Rupp arena and make some decisions on games today. I decided to take Michigan State by 7 for the noon game. I need to get my house cleaned today, my Valentine ready for my man, hit the treadmill, study and be ready by 7. Gonna be a busy day, but I’ll find time for my blog 🙂

3pm – I wasn’t hungry at all because of the peanuts and all the water I’ve chugged, but I decided to eat a little something before I went to Boston Sports Club, so I just had a half cup of Chobani with Splenda. I went tanning, then ran 3 miles, did abs, stretched while watching the UNC bball game. It’s so cool to see all the clips of the games from the 1960’s and 1970’s, then clips from the old players coming back for last night’s 100th anniversary celebration, and to see Tyler Hansbrough and Ty Lawson sitting in the stands is kind of heart warming but heart breaking at the same time.

Tonight I am going to dinner at the Capital Grille with my man for Valentine’s day. It will most likely be an 1800 calorie meal and that’s disgusting but it’s a very special occasion. And I’ve work hard for it. So I got back to where I should be.. 125.5lbs and


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Dear Kyra,
You look amazing. Please move to Richmond and be my personal trainer/life coach/general motivator.

you are so sweet SB. ill put you on my email list when i make videos of exercises i do. if you ever decide to live in boston again we could workout together!

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