Day 4 In the Life of The Get In Shape Girl

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Current Weight 126

6:30am – Wake up, make breakfast (egg whites and turkey wrap), chug water and take vitamins. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to work out this morning but my boyfriend did so I woulda felt like a bum not going, so I ran over to BSC and spent 13 minutes getting warmed up on the elliptical while reading Oxygen and listening to Lady Gaga. Then I stretched and boyyyyyy are my hamstrings tight from doing RDL’s last night. Then I did the following ab exercises all on the stability ball:
20 knees to elbows (10 each side) – Plank position with feet on stability ball, right knee to right elbow, and so on..
20 crunches on ball
20 elbow to knee crunches on the ball
20 passes (lie on back lift feet in air, pass stability ball to hands, lie flat, pass stability ball back to feet, etc)
40 crunches (place knees on ball, back on floor and crunch up)
10 knees to opposite elbow (5 each side) – Plank position with feet on stability ball, right knee to left elbow, and so on..
30 bicycle crunches

Yesterday at CATZ, Sarah, one of my coaches told me about the knees to elbow thing with feet on the stability ball, and I’m all about challenging my core, so I wanted to do it today and I really like it, but the knees to opposite elbow is REALLY hard, like, I fell off once. I just can’t quite reach my knee to my opposite elbow. If my foot is on the floor, I can, and I can touch my knee to the same side elbow, but opposite.. no. But I’m going to try again when I hit the gym tonight.

10am – Okay, so I completely forgot to eat because I was so busy at work. But I’m eating now and I’m having a low fat string cheese, an apple and 25 almonds. Here’s the nutrition:

Calories Carbs Fat Protein
String Cheese 50 0 2 6
Apple 81 21 0 0
Almonds 208 7 18 8

1:30pm – Definitely a little late eating again, but I just took my lunch break to go to H&M with my girlfriend Erica. I have to say that shopping for a size 4 makes shopping a lot funner! So today for lunch I had a piece of think sliced chicken breast with some yummy Ken’s wing sauce and I’d say what was a cup of spaghetti squash and one of those cute pink sugar cookies with sprinkles! Here’s the nutrition:

Calories Carbs Fat Protein
Chicken 140 0 2 29
Sauce 15 1 2 0
Spaghetti Squash 4 10 0 1
Cookie 150 21 6 2
So that cookie was totally naughty, but we are all human, right? I just know I need to run a few miles tonight at the gym or go to spinning perhaps. All those carbs were straight sugar, and I can tell because I feel like I really need to brush my teeth.

4:30pm – Ok, I’m getting ready to have my mid-afternoon/ pre-workout snack, so I need the perfect combination of complex carbs and lean protein. Obviously I’m on a Chobani kick, so I’m going to have that again. I really don’t ever get sick of eating the same things over and over again. I get to where I actually crave them if I go too long between. I was putting honey in my plain greek yogurt, but I’m not really wanting the extra calories, so I opt for Splenda. A lot of you may not like using artificial sweeteners, but I figure everything gives cancer.. I’m not all that worried about a little Splenda. I’m also having a sugar free Redbull because I’m getting sleepyyyy!

I decided to go to spinning. I’m really not a fan of spinning unless it’s with someone who really motivates and PLAYS GOOD MUSIC. It wasn’t a whole hearted attempt, I want to save my legs for a long run tomorrow. But I got a decent sweat going, then I got an especially good 20 minute stretch in and rolled out.

For dinner my amazing boyfriend picked up salads from Not Your Average Joe’s. Here’s the nutrition facts from my Ahi tuna salad…
Calories Carbs Fat Protein
344 34 10 31
I seriously love tuna.. I could be a fisher-woman and just eat raw tuna every single day.. its sooooo good!

I’m still working on getting my gallon in.. so far I’m at 15 cups… no problem.. I got this!! So all in all, today was okay, I could have eaten better.. I did have a couple of cookies but tomorrow is a new day.. CATZ first thing!!!

Kyra Williams
The Get In Shape Girl

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