Winterize Your Cardio

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With “Old Man Winter” here to stay for a while, it’s tough to get motivated to get out there and do your cardio. I prefer running on a treadmill to being outside, but many of you don’t have a treadmill at home or a membership to a gym. So I created a list of fun, some maybe not so fun, ways to get in your cardio. Those of you living in the south, count your blessings because it’s sleeting up here as I type.

1. Find pleasure in the treadmill. You can watch tv, listen to your ipod, switch back and forth; you have the convenience of having your water, phone, etc right there by your side. I am so ADD I get really bored just looking at oncoming traffic and passing others on the sidewalk I would prefer to have this convenience. Not to mention if I schedule a run on a Saturday afternoon, I won’t have to cancel it due to weather conditions.

2. Spin, cardio kickboxing, and other aerobic classes. If you’re a member of a gym these can be really fun because you get a great workout, you can meet people and you don’t have to think for yourself to decide what you want to do today in your workouts.

3. Do cardio between your strength training sets. Do burpees, mountain climbers, jumps into sumo squats, jumping jacks, run up and down steps, etc.. something to get your heart rate elevated. This is a very effective way to burn fat.

4. Jump rope. A classic favorite for all ages.

5. Shoveling. It sucks and it’s one of my favorite things about not having a car, but it burns a ton of calories and works muscles throughout your entire body.

6. Take pole dancing, or ballroom dancing lessons. Start playing racquetball or basketball with friends or join a league.

7. Winter friendly sports. Try skiing, snowshoeing or ice skating. Getting bundled up to go outside burns enough calories in and of itself!

8. Play with your kids. Keeping them entertained inside or having a snowball fight outside is bound to exhaust you. It’ll mean as much to them too as it does to your heart.

There’s so many fun activities you can do with friends or alone despite the weather. Weather, not having the time, money or accessibility are all excuses. If you want to do it, then you will do it. Stop and think about what is important. If it’s health and or/ weight loss then you can’t get around excuses.

Kyra Williams
The Get In Shape Girl


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