Med ball and bosu ball circuits

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I came up with two circuits that you don’t even need a gym membership for! All you need is a med ball for the first one.

I prefer to use an 8 pound ball, but guys should definitely have one that’s a little heavier. And for the second circuit all you need is a physio ball.

Circuit 1 –
6 to 8 burpees. Just hold the core ball at your chest when you jump up.
20 seated twists with the med ball, touching the ground on each side 10 times.
15 lying straight leg raises, touching your toes while they are in the air with the med ball.
10 hamstring curls on each leg. (Lie on your back with one foot on the medball and do bridge ups or do the actual curl. Both are great.)
12 push ups with hands on medball.
15 throws. Raise medball as high as you can and throw it as hard as you can onto the ground, catch it, and throw again. Come up onto your toes as you are raising it in the air to work your calves.

Circuit 2 –
20 mountain climbers each leg. Place bosu upside down and do straight mountain climbers, 20 each leg, or twist right knee towards left elbow, etc for 20.
20 crunches on bosu. (Right side up bosu.)
20 elbow to knee crunches on bosu. (Right side up bosu.)
12 push ups holding the side of the upside down bosu.
14 squats, standing on the upside down bosu OR 8 single leg squats standing on the upside down bosu.

Bonus – If you have both pieces of equipment, hold the medball overhead while you are doing your squats on the bosu. I swear by these two pieces of equipment so if you are someone who just works out in the home I highly recommend getting one of each.

Do each three times through. I promise you’ll love them as much as I do!

Kyra Williams
The Get In Shape Girl


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