Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

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Here’s a quick list of ways to avoid the dreaded holiday weight gain:

– Remember that you don’t have to wait until New Years Day to have a “new beginning.” Each morning is a brand new day and you can wake up and determine that on this day you will eat clean!
– Sneak in workouts when you can. Go pick up your family from the airport and go on a walk with your sister. You know she could use the exercise and fresh air too.
– Make time for the gym. It will rid you of your stress to pound it out there.
– Consider whether or not you really need that second helping of food. There’s a pretty good chance if you stay in your seat and you enjoy the company of your family you will find that you aren’t really hungry. Savor every bite you take of the first plate.
– Avoid alcohol. What are you going to do, get drunk with your family at the dinner table? What’s the point?
– Stay away from anything on a menu that says “creamy, fried, or crispy.”
– Chug a bottle of water before you sit down to eat. It will make your stomach feel full.
– If you are dying to bake goodies, give them away.
– Get an accountability partner. Tell them you want them to be difficult and hold you accountable for what you eat, drink and how much you workout. (I have an accountability team on Sparkpeople.com.. what’s up to my group “No More Pants Pockets”!!!!)
– When you think you should keep eating, take a look at a photo of someone who’s body you would like to have. When I’m sitting on the couch mindlessly eating I am usually online, and I’ll go to the Victoria’s Secret website and I will then put down whatever it is I’m munching on.
– Try circuit training with cardio between sets. For ideas here check out my previous blog “Fun with circuits and heart rate.” It’s a way to get an entire workout done quicker and if you keep your heart rate up the entire time you will burn more fat!
– Grab a quick snack before going out. If you are shopping bring a protein bar so you can have something to keep your metabolism up. you need to eat every 2 – 3 hours. If you eat a chocolate protein bar it will keep you from being tempted by the chocolate chip cookies. And if you have an apple with peanut butter you will not be tempted by finger food at cocktail parties.

Happy holidays!!

Kyra Williams
The Get In Shape Girl


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Wake up and have a new beginning each day?? Accountability partners?? Are you listening to me when I tell you about how these simple tools and philosophies work??

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