Fun with circuits and heart rate

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On Wednesday I had the afternoon to hit the gym and play around with some circuits and monitor my heart rate. I came up with some pretty good stuff and figured I’d like to share with all of you.

(For this workout you will need a bosu ball, medball & dumbbells.)

Before heading to the gym my resting heart rate was 53.
I jumped on the treadmill and ran .5 miles at 6.0 mph, heart rate = 133.
Ran .1 mile at 10.0 mph, off for .1 mile, back on for .1 five times, with an average heart rate of 163.

Stretch out.

30 mountain climbers (each leg) while holding onto a bosu ball (to bring the heart rate back up to 154 – 163)
8 single leg squats on upside down bosu ball
Alternating bicep curls, 10 each arm while standing on bosu w/ 30 lb dumbbells
12 Chest flys on ball w/ 20 lb dumbbells
Pushups on ball (hands on the balance ball, feet on floor) x’s 15
Heart rate at the end of circuit= in the 120’s
Start over at beginning 3 times through

10 – 15 burpees (heart rate 150 – 160 range)
8 dumbbell reverse flys while standing in the lunge position with right leg foward, 8 with left leg forward (16 total) with 5 lb dumbbells
20 seated balance med ball twisties (abs), throw ball in air between twists (right, left, throw, catch, right, left, throw, catch, etc) with an 8 lb medball
12 reverse dead lifts with 25 lb dumbbells in each hand
12 Dumbbell Tricep extensions on ball w/ 25 lb dumbbell
Heart rate at end of circuit = in the 120’s
Start over at beginning 3 times through

Then an entire abdominal circuit (i LOVE doing abs)
Crunches on ball (hands overhead to make it more challenging) x’s 20
Elbow to knee crunches on ball x’s 20
Kneeling ball rollouts x’s 20
Jacknife of ball (w/ push up in between) x’s 10
modified side plank, dip the hip x’s 15 each side
Did this circuit twice through with a final heart rate of 120.

Stretch out at end.

Kyra Williams
The Get In Shape Girl


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