It’s all about abs!

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Lately I’ve been more into working on my abs than anything. I thought I’d share with you guys some of the exercises I do on my own…

these are the ones i do:

BANANA: but i pulse very quickly and never let my feet touch the ground, and try to get my shoulders off as high as i can.

CRUNCHES: on or off the ball, and ill do them very slowly or really fast.

Dumbbell side bends: focusing on the side of your body that pulls you up, the side without the weight.

MODIFIED PLANK: but i have to pretend there’s weight at my lower back, and i have to do this for at least two minutes to even feel it.


SIDE PLANK: I lift the top leg to where it’s in line with my hips and raise my top arm to the sky, then stare at the hand in the sky to offset my balance to make it harder. I will also go from plank to side plank, back to plank, to the other side.


LYING STRAIGHT LEG RAISES. Then when i get my legs in the sky i push my hips up off the ground and twist to one side, then my legs go back down without touching the floor and bring them up and twist to the other side.


LEG RAISES ON CAPTAINS CHAIR. Sometimes i do these and twist to each side too.


JACKNIFE WITH BALL. These are good if you have a dolly too. do a push up in between just because 🙂

ELBOW TO KNEE CRUNCH. Get your shoulder off the floor.



BALANCING SEATED TWIST WITH MEDICINE BALL. I’ll twist to each side then throw the ball in the air, then twist, then throw, etc…

These aren’t on the demos, but….
Similar to the banana, raise your legs and arms to the sky and touch your toes. Twist at the top too to make it tougher. Hold a medcine ball above your head to make it harder.


V-ups, to the diagnol.


Get in the modified plank position, get into plank position one arm at a time. back down to modified plank. back to plank, modified plank, etc. I do like 10 starting with the right, then 10 starting with the left.

Plank position right knee to right elbow, plank, right knee to left elbow. plank. left knee to left elbow, left knee to right elbow. etc.

Arms above your head, as youre sitting up (like right when your shoulders come off the ground) throw a medicine ball at a wall. come all the way to a sit up, catch the ball, raise your arms back above your head and lie back down.

If you have access to a dolly, put your feet on it and push your legs straight out so you are in plank position, then move your legs to the left and right like they’re windsheild wipers.

Hold your legs straight up in the air, or at an angle to make it harder, and punch upwards with a weight (5 – 8 lbs each hand) but to the diagnol, as if to hit opposite feet.

Lie on your back, hover your feet inches (the lower the harder) above the ground and scissor your legs back and forth, pointing your toes.

So each day I’ll pick as many of these I want or have time for, and do 15 – 20 reps of each.

Kyra Williams
– The Get In Shape Girl

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OMG I am just now actually thouroughly reading
your blog and this is amazing! I can’t believe
all the workouts you do for your abs, NO WONDER
they’re so darn firm and tight! 🙂 And I’m just
now learning your real name besides K-Dubb from
SP! THanks Kyra!!! You’re doing great!

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