Run to the hills… Run for your lives…

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So those are lyrics to an Iron Maiden song and that is actually quite suiting because I love to listen to metal when I run. It is fast and upbeat and sometimes angry and it keeps me going. A good playlist is a necessity when trying to run. I always thought I should stick with hip hop and upbeat pop until one day I was running and my friends band came on and I suddenly felt like I could keep going. So now I loaded a lot more metal onto my iPod and I run to it… Slayer is my favorite so far. You would never think about this blonde girl with a ribbon in her hair a pink shorts on is rockin out to Slayer would you?

The second weekend of January I am signed up to run a half marathon at Disney with my boyfriend and some friends. It’s 10 weeks away so I’m officially in training. My boyfriend is a marathon runner so according to him going to CATZ is already training, and I do believe it. But I need to get my body accustomed to running longer distances. When I lived in Florida I would run 3 or 4 times a week anywhere between 3 and 8 miles. (The 8 miler I was with someone so my mind was occupied.) I also ran a 5 mile road race in May of 2008 and my time was 47:45. I did the same road race in May 2009, after training at CATZ for 5 months and my time was 42:01, so clearly CATZ has helped. But I need my brain to not be so bored when I run. When I run fast for a while want to vomit and have a heart attack at the same time, so I definitely can’t run outside with my boyfriend. And even stepping outdoors, much less running outside for a long period of time when it is below 60 degrees is not something I am interested in. So I hit the pavement, errr.. I mean treadmill every Saturday when there are good football games on. Last weekend I flipped back and forth between Alabama vs. Tennessee, Notre Dame vs. Boston College and Michigan vs. Penn State.

I think with my training at CATZ 4 times a week, I can get away with running twice a week for now, and maybe around Thanksgiving kick it up to 3 times a week, and one less CATZ workout. So one week day/ week I’m going to be running 3 – 5 miles and Saturdays will be my long run days. I have read a lot of programs that basically tell you to increase your long weekend runs by a mile every week. So far I have done a 6 mile and last Saturday I did a 8.5. So this Saturday I will hit the treadmill for 9 miles while I watch football. My goal is also on the weekday short runs I will not stop unless I just need to grab a sip of water or make a clothing adjustment. (I am not down with my butt crack hangin out or any camel toe spottings.) And my goal on Saturdays is that I can walk a little bit, and it will count as part of the full mileage.

Are any of you experienced runners who can give me some advice or how you think I should tweak this?

Kyra Williams
The get In Shape Girl


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2 Responses to “Run to the hills… Run for your lives…”

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hehe, clicked your blog because of the Iron Maden title, there’s nothig like the good old sound of a guitar solo 😉

About working out, thx for reminding me to get back to the regular training, after the exams season i always turn slacker :\

thanks for checking out the blog!!! glad it inspired you.

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