Too much GSD, not enough ME

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v. GSD ( t), 1. To get stuff done. 2. Got stuff done (past tense) 3. Getting stuff done (present tense)

In the last few weeks I have completely run myself into the ground. I went to Cabo then 4 days later 5 girls came to stay at my house for 3 days so I was entertaining and running around the city of Boston. The past two weekends have been filled with going out, having people over, cooking, cleaning, watching football for hours at a time, working out, studying, getting my car to pass inspection, trying to figure out where the money is going to come from to pay for my exhaust to be fixed, doing long distance runs, etc. The week days generally go from 7am to work, running errands on my lunch hour, coming home, going straight to yoga, then to CATZ, or just to CATZ, then coming home, showering, doing laundry, cooking a small meal for dinner, setting up my website, trying to study and the stupid little things like painting my toenails and watering my plants just aren’t getting done.

I am fortunate to have a job where I can do so much from work. But now I feel like even doing this stuff at work there’s not enough time to do it all and try to get any of my work done at all. And yes, I definitely work out more than I need to. I don’t know of anyone else who goes to power yoga, then to CATZ, but I love it and I’m probably addicted on some level. I am attempting to study for my personal training certification and I’ve had the book since August and I’m only on chapter two. At 10pm when I’m done doing everything else, the last thing I want to do is try to study. Actually, it’s not worth it because I just fall asleep.

Finally after burning the candle at three ends I decided to cancel my plans this weekend. A lot of things in my life have started to fail me, including my patience and my happiness because I’m always thinking about the things I’m NOT doing when I should just be happy. I know a lot of it is time management, and I will figure it all out, but when I just have things hanging over my head I need to just knock them out, one at a time, like baby steps. And I need to always keep in the back of my mind, if something doesn’t get done today, there’s always tomorrow.

Then yesterday I was driving to CATZ at 7:45am and I got into a car accident. It had rained all night and was still kinda rainy and i was getting off the exit and i somehow completely lost control of the wheel. it felt like i was sliding on ice, but it’s not cold enough yet for ice. I did a 360 I think, and hit the guardrail, then it spun me the other way and i did another 360 and finally stopped. The impact wasn’t hard, so thank god i wasn’t going fast, but it ripped the whole front bumper off my car as you can see in the pictures. But I think it happened to teach me a lesson.. that I need to relax and appreciate everything that I do have and what I have done instead of focusing on all the things I want and want to accomplish.





Kyra Williams,
The Get In Shape Girl


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Hey kyra, photshop out the plate number on your car. You could easily end up giving a potential stalker all your info with just that little number. -L

that car and the plate dont even belong to me anymore! but good call!

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